Take Care of Dampness Problems Quickly and Easily

When you have a basement, it is common to worry about too much dampness getting inside and ruining the structure, but there are now numerous things you can do to reduce and even eliminate potential problems so that you don’t end up with mould and mildew that can cause even bigger problems. Dampness is caused by either penetrating damp, rising damp, or condensation, and all three of these have solutions if you know where to look.

The Right Solution Is Usually a Simple One

Companies that provide a professional damp proof course in Leicester know that this is one of the most effective ways to combat damp problems. A damp proof course, or DPC, consists of:

  • A physical barrier inserted into the building’s frame
  • Either a vertical or horizontal plane
  • A way to stop water passing from one area to another
  • A great way to protect the masonry of the home
  • A perfect way to combat all types of damp

If you’re interested in one of these products, all you have to do is consult a specialist in damp problems and they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Take Good Care of Your Home

Of course, getting rid of damp in your home usually requires a professional, and fortunately, these experts can take care of all types of damp problems, including dry or wet rot, woodworm, fungal decay, and much more. In fact, they always start with a thorough inspection that helps determine the cause of the problem, then they personalise the remedy so that it always takes care of the problem quickly.

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