Moving Out: How Clean Does a Rented Property Have to Be?

It is time to give back your keys and move to another property, but before you do so, you must take some steps to clean the house or apartment you’ve been living in. A landlord won’t expect to get back a pristine accommodation with absolutely no wear and tear, but the place should be in reasonable condition. End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Swindon is a great way of taking care of the floors, if they’re in poor condition, you’ll find it difficult to get your deposit back. Expert domestic cleaning companies offer a range of cleaning services, some of which include:

  • Upholstery
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pet treatment
  • Painting
  • Rubbish removal

To ensure the property is left in a decent state, you must take steps to clean carpets and other furnishings. If you want your full deposit returned, here is some things you should do.

Where to Clean

Treat your empty rental property as if you owned it and you were preparing to put it on the market yourself. You should clean showers, bathtubs, floors, sinks and appliances. If you find any stains on the walls, touch them up with paint or do your best to remove them. Don’t leave anything behind, that includes unwanted belongings and rubbish – pack everything away.

Receiving a Full Deposit

You should get your full deposit back if you’ve taken steps to clean the property and repair any damage done. A landlord has right to charge you for any fixtures or fitting which have been broken.

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