Good Landscaping Options When It Comes To the Winter

The winter season is coming, and that can be something of an annoyance for those who like to maintain their garden and landscape – your year’s work is now doomed to fade, and you are seemingly left with nothing to do until the spring comes. However, this is a good time to maintain your garden and plan for the coming year.

You may want to hire a garden designer or local landscaping company to draw up a roadmap of what can be done over the next 12 months but for now here are some ideas that you could try out as the weather gets colder in the coming months.

What Looks Good In Winter?

People rarely think about trees for their bark, but some species – for example, dogwood – are quite visually striking just for their trunks, and provide an interesting sight now that blank whiteness has replaced other visual distractions.

Depending on where you live, evergreens or perennials may also be an option, as they can look good no matter the time of year. Another good idea is to find plants with berries that last through the winter, like holly or crab-apple; these will not only add a small splash of colour, but also attract birds that will add some life back to your land.

Work On Your Hardscape

Plants are out, for the most part, but what about the rest of your garden? Is this a good time to fix up your fence, or do a little maintenance work on your deck or patio? Or, if you do not have some of these things, could this be the time to build them?

Your landscape may not have many plants left, but that does not mean that it has to look dull. Simply find some other things that can fill up all that empty space.

Decorate For The Season

Similarly, you can make your place look better with some seasonal decorations. Even if your trees have lost their leaves, they can look bright and festive with some Christmas lights, tinsel and garlands. You can even make your unused equipment part of the show: place a dwarf Alberta spruce in your wheelbarrow and make that your smaller, wintertime planting project.


If nothing else, you can start planning for what you want to do next year. Come up with some new ideas, or look into some concepts that you have been sitting on.

Do some research and try to imagine how your garden will look in a few months – consider reading up on Landscaping tasks for the end of winter so that you plan ahead for the new year. Until then, enjoy the snow.

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