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Disposing Of Your Waste In The Charnwood Borough

Proper waste disposal is very crucial to the health of every human thing and for the sustainability of the environment. In Charnwood Borough, residents are advised to dispose of the waste responsibly. To separate the waste before putting in bins making it easy for the recycling centre to handle it.

Below is a guide on how to dispose of different type of waste.

Garden Waste

Pay For Garden Waste Services

All you have to do is pay the Borough Council a waste collection fee and get a green bin For an annual fee, the council provides a 240-litre brown bin for your garden waste. The city has a calendar on how they collect the waste. Make sure you follow it. The container will be used to collect all garden waste like grass after mowing, weeks from your vegetable garden flowers and clippings. The waste management services are your best option especially if you produce large amounts of waste.

Use Home Decomposition Bins

This is most effective for home owners who produce less garden waste. The Leicestershire County Council provides composting bins that residents can use to make manure. The process of decomposition will take some time, but it will enrich your garden due to the nutrients produced when the farm waste decomposes.

Office Waste

Deliver The Electronics To A Local Recycling Centre

Electronic waste includes printers, photocopiers, and coffee makers among other electronic devices that you use daily in your office. In most cases, they contain hazardous metals that need to be disposed of carefully. Luckily, some parts can be recycled, and the rest, disposing of is done by the county council.

Deliver Clinical Waste To The Charnwood Borough County Council Waste Management Centre

Burying and incinerating are some of the options for disposing of medical waste but contain hazardous chemicals which can cause air pollution or spread of disease causing organisms if burnt. Store the waste and deliver it to a local government waste management centre.

Household Waste

Pay A Waste Disposal Service Provider To Collect The Organic Waste

If you have room in your home and a garden, you can decompose the organic kitchen waste and use it as manure for your garden. However, if you don’t need manure, just pay for a waste disposal company in Charmwood to collect it from your property. For private parish or council properties, the waste disposal containers are managed privately by the respective owner.

Organize With Local Government For Hazardous Waste Collection

In U.K, hazardous waste is collected three times per year. You will have to check with the local government to know when the next collection will be due. Among the household hazardous waste include; household cleaning products, pesticides, tablets and medicines, weed killers and oil-based and water-based paints.

If you have signed up for waste collection, you will receive a text message informing you of the collection dates and any changes on the same. Alternatively, you can also get updates from the Charnwood Council website.

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