Bollards Enhance Properties and Keep People Safe

If you have a large property, you can enhance its looks and direct pedestrian or vehicular traffic by adding bollards made of timber. You can buy bollards that are dressed or sawn as well as purchase railings for the supports.

Bollards Have Been Used for a Long Time

Bollards have been around for a long time. In fact, they have been used for thousands of years. The term, “bollard”, however, has only been used about two hundred years. It first appeared in 1844 in the Oxford English Dictionary. At that time, the post was described as a support for a ship’s mooring line.

In ancient Rome, bollards represented posts made of stone. They were used as milestones beside roadways or served as tethering posts. When timber bollards in Brisbane are used, they often enhance the environment. Timber supports of this type have evolved over time from installations of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. At that time, cannon barrels were used for the posts. These bollards were used along wharfs, placed inland next to stonework, or used to guide traffic.

Whilst marine bollards are still used, most bollards are used to keep people safe. This effort towards safety began in Amsterdam in the early nineteenth century. At that time, bollards were used next to narrow boulevards or streets that did not feature kerbs or yards. Property owners inserted cast iron bollards to prevent damages from carriages. Bollards known as Amsterdammertje were used to divide pedestrian sections from carriageways.

Kerbs and Bollards Can Be Used for Similar Purposes

Whilst kerbs are still used for defining pedestrian and traffic boundaries, bollards are also used for this purpose. As cars became more advanced, bollards were added to ward off “vehicular attacks”. In fact, some government facilities install bollards that are made to withstand the impact of several autos.

Today, bollards have become integrated into the modern landscape. You can use bollards to create traffic lines or direct traffic to the proper spot whilst permitting pedestrian access. Bollards create demarcations or prevent entry to restricted sites such as public squares, traffic islands, and bike lanes. If a road lacks a kerb, bollards can be used to keep vehicles from veering away from the pavement. You might say that a bollard is a way to calm traffic, much as with the use of one-way streets or speed bumps.

Marking a Path at Night

Whether you use bollards to define a parking lot or pedestrian area, you will add a decorative element at the same time. For example, you can add a chain to bollards so pedestrians stay on marked pathways. Lighted bollards are also used to help people see paths at night. Solar-powered lights are often used for bollards today. Each unit can be installed individually and needs little upkeep.

Besides enhancing landscapes and keeping everything safer, you can also use bollards at construction sites. For example, the supports are used in construction roadway zones to protect the workers from traffic. These bollards are usually made of steel or are ringed with a tape that reflects light at night. Many sit on removable bases made of rubber. The supports are placed close to one another to prevent the entry of oncoming traffic.

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