Best Trending Portable RV Solar Panels – Know Which One Can Be Right For You!

These days, the most talked about topic among the RVers is the RV solar system. Honestly speaking, its difficult to travel without portable solar panels. If you are a regular RV user, then you must opt for popular brand such as Hard Korr Australia. They are the best in the industry so far.

Read on to know all about these portable solar panels that are meant especially for RVs.

What are the differences between Portable solar panels and Roof mounted ones?

When you have decided that you are a good candidate for RV solar system for charging your RV batteries, then your next question will more likely be of what type, isn’t it? Well, if you require an ample of solar capacity, you can even have combination of roof top panels along with portable ones that you can easily move around.

 Roof mounted ones may seem to be easiest to handle since they are mounted up high permanently and you don’t need to deploy them. However, they might be overkill for your situation particularly, if you don’t require solar on regular basis.

The portable solar panels have their own place in the world of RV. They can be an ideal solution for the ones that loves to camp off-grid but don’t really require fully blown roof mounted solar panel.

Some great Pros of portable RV solar systems

  • It is a great way for entering world of the solar battery charging in more efficient way.
  • You can use portable solar system with many rigs. Just take it along with you whenever you plan to upgrade your RV.

  • It is a perfect complement to the fixed mounted panels. Together they can expand the capabilities of your system and offers you much better charge capability when sun is at relatively lower angle.
  • They can operate at their best efficiency especially when they are maintained well. Moreover, they are much easier to clean as well!

Poly vs. Mono Solar panels

Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline are two major kinds of solar cells. While poly cells are usually cheaper, they are less efficient than its counterpart. A mono solar cell runs around the range of 15-20% efficiency. Most of the top quality portable solar systems are made up from the mono solar cells due to their greater efficiency of them. It results in small overall size.

Overall, portable solar system is definitely an ideal choice if your style of camping includes dry/boondocking camping. Just make sure to choose best system that can cater your specific needs and be ready to enjoy clean and quiet energy!

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