Advantages of Using Propane

Most households use a combination of electricity and propane, but there are many cases that households are all electric. Electricity is viewed as safer and easier to use, especially since it is easily distributed within a household. There are some households that prefer to use only electricity and not have to deal with propane. This sometimes comes at a higher cost, as most utility companies charge more for electricity than propane. The cost of energy has been constantly increasing over the years with no sign of it becoming cheaper. This has motivated many homeowners to add propane appliances and to have their own propane tanks. In this article we will explore the advantages of using propane, apart from the financial benefits.

Having your own propane tank comes with its own pros and cons. Many homeowners argue that propane tanks are unsightly and diminish the appearance of their homes. This does not always have to be the case, as some creative homeowner have found ways of hiding their propane tanks. Due to regulations, propane tanks must be above ground and in open air, but this does not mean that the propane tank cannot be painted with a more appealing color. There are companies that offer propane tank painting services, but this can be a fun weekend activity for any homeowner. Make sure to check which paints can be used before starting your project. You could also check LinGas’s recommendation for best propane tank paint. Besides painting your tank, you could also consider building a privacy fence around your tank. This will not only hide your tank, but also create a barrier between it and any potentially curious children playing in the area.

The biggest advantage of using your own propane tank is that you are in control of your own energy source. During times of inclement weather it will be reassuring to know that you have your own source of energy, even if the power goes out. Many times strong storms cause power outages, causing the power to be out for hours or, as in more serve cases, for days. Propane appliances like water heaters and gas ranges make life easier during power outages. Plus, many homes have gas heaters to warm their homes. This is essential for places that experience a lot of snow fall and power outages due to down electric lines.

Besides being somewhat energy independent with your own propane tank, propane offers other ancillary benefits like better cooking control. Any professional chef or cook will tell you that cooking with gas is much better than cooking on an electric range. Propane and natural gas ranges offer better temperature control and heat pots and pans more effectively than an electric burner. This is why almost every professional restaurant uses only gas ranges. Some argue that cooking on a gas range makes the food taste better than an electric one. This could be attributed to getting the food to the cooking temperature much faster than on an electric burner. This allows for the flavors to stay in the food rather than losing them to evaporation over time.

Propane definitely has its advantages to electricity for certain applications, so make sure to check if propane can meet your needs.

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